Who is this Oddball?

ajhepicure 2I don’t consider myself to be any quirkier than the next guy, but family and friends disagree.

My name is Adam J. Holland and I put stadium hot dogs and chips & salsa on the same culinary pedestal as dry-aged beef and white truffles. Though I harvest Meyer Lemons and Kaffir Lime leaves from my own organically grown trees, I’ve also driven to multiple food markets in search of those elusive taco-flavored 75126_1488037596142_8291655_nDoritos. My guilty pleasures include sucking the marrow from chicken bones, and sneaking a bite of fat from a pork roast. But I also became a vegan for three months during 2010 — just for the heck of it.

Professionally, I work in public relations. For the most part, I’ve spent my adult IMG_1018life as a radio newsman and newspaper reporter/editor between New Jersey and Texas. I also went off the deep end for a few years and tried to make a career from one of my hobbies: growing dwarf citrus trees. I enjoy everything food — from growing and cooking it, to talking, reading and writing about it.

Want to know more about me? Yum Goggle featured me on its Food Blogger Spotlight. I was also interviewed on Food Blog Radio.IMG_0472

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